Creating Solutions at the Frontier

We identify, create and implement financial solutions to help low-income people build better lives.

About BFA

Our Areas of Expertise

Customer Insights

Customer Insights gives voice to the needs of the customer by defining and defending the customer value proposition using a matrix of methodologies such as Human Centered Design, UI/UX research, usability testing, ethnography, surveys, focus groups, and Financial Diaries.

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Business Insights

Business Insights helps partners sharpen their analytical understanding of the trade-offs involved when making business decisions. Our proprietary analytics and tools provide evidence-based insights on top line (revenue potential, pricing and channel development) and bottom line (costing and efficiency) to guide businesses on strategies to pursue.

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Policy and Ecosystem Development

Policy and Ecosystem Development helps financial authorities design, test and implement sound policies that advance the provision of financial services to low-income, underserved and unbanked customers. This area supports policymakers, regulators, and supervisors as they face an increasingly complex and data-rich market for financial services.

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Inclusive Fintech

Inclusive Fintech applies modern tech (such as APIs, machine learning, bitcoin/blockchain) and methodologies (agile software development, lean startup, experiments, MVPs, prototyping) to create the flexible solutions needed to address the financial needs of low-income people.

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Finance for Life

Finance for Life focuses on the impact of finance beyond financial inclusion. Finance for Life actively seeks to embed ways of directly improving quality of life for low-income people by expanding financial solutions in areas such as health, education, sanitation, housing, as well as enhancing productivity in agriculture and small business.

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The Low-Income Consumer

With our work, we seek to serve the low-income consumer with a range of tools and an open mind about what is possible for each — whether they are part of the emerging middle class, living on up to $5-10 per day or further down the income curve living on $1 dollar per day or less.

Whom We Serve

Featured Projects


OPTIX works directly with four financial institutions to develop strategic and tactical thinking that optimizes cross-selling strategies and builds better financial services portfolios for their low-income clients.

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FIBR seeks to learn how to transform emerging data about low-income individuals and link them to financial services by working with partners that touch the lives of underserved customers.

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Catalyst Fund

Catalyst Fund accelerates promising inclusive fintech startups in emerging markets by deploying $2M in grant capital and $1M in in-kind advisory services while sharing lessons learned about fintech startup innovation with the broader financial inclusion sector.

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Our Stories

The World’s Smallest Bank

Bancuadra, an initiative of our client, Ruta N, won the 2016 Bloomberg Philanthropies Mayors Challenge in Medellin.

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Digital IDs

The Case for Financial Regulators to Take an Active Interest in National Identity Strategies.

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FAS App Is Launched

BFA launches FAS App for OPTIX client, Sajida Foundation, now in stage pilot testing in the field.

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Our Clients

Updated January 2020