Inclusive Fintech

Accelerating the advances and adoption of technology in inclusive financial solutions

Inclusive Fintech applies modern technology (like APIs, machine learning, bitcoin/blockchain) and methodologies (agile software development, lean startup, experiments, MVPs, prototyping) to create meaningful financial solutions for low-income people. At its core, it seeks to leverage advances in digital and mobile technology to better serve the poor.

New “tech” applications are designed to reduce costs and risks for service providers while strengthening the business case for inclusive services and products. Inclusive Fintech works directly with startups, mobile network providers, and financial institutions to co-create fintech solutions.

Catalyst Fund

Accelerating inclusive fintech: Supporting startups and sharing insights

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Using business relationships to drive inclusive financial services

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Inclusive Fintech works to accelerate advances in the field, and industry adoption of applied technology to produce new financial solutions for low-income people by:

  1. Introducing ways that technology-based products and services can be rapidly designed, built and scaled
  2. Training and supporting institutions that utilize BFA’s proprietary Financial Diaries Data Collection application
  3. Applying creative technological approaches to ensure customer and business propositions align

More Inclusive Fintech Projects

Inclusive Fintech identifies new ways of creating financial services for low-income customers with technology-enabled solutions that serve to enhance the customer value proposition and reduce providers’ cost and their associative risks. Inclusive Fintech also fosters the safe entrance of new market players by assisting RegTech; the ability of regulators to supervise financial sector players with technology.

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Updated January 2020