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The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and JPMC



Catalyst Fund provides capital in the form of grants and advisory services to early-stage inclusive fintech startups, while sharing industry insights from lessons learned about accelerating inclusive digital financial services.

Problem Statement

Catalyst Fund addresses a common problem we see with early stage startups in the inclusive fintech space. They have a hard time securing the capital and expertise needed to complete and test their products. This throttles innovation and limits the impact from new approaches.

The Solution

In 2015, BFA began the management of an early stage innovation grant investment vehicle called the Catalyst Fund. Catalyst Fund is a fund focused on supporting fintech and financial inclusion startups that have not yet raised institutional venture capital, by providing up to 20 startups with structure mentorship, catalytic grant capital, and technical assistance. In addition to managing the funding processes and technical assistance to ensure each investment provides traction to the startups, BFA will act as the custodian of Catalyst’s Learning Agenda to synthesize and disseminate key learnings and sharing of best practices, to the wider industry.

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Updated January 2020