Gender Disaggregated Data

Gender Disaggregated Data and Women’s Financial Inclusion Study

Expertise Area

Policy and Ecosystem Development

Client Name

Central Bank of Egypt



Project Period

May - December 2018

BFA is working with the regulators, supervisors, and policymakers at the Central Bank of Egypt, along with other stakeholders, to develop a framework with indicators and methodologies for collecting, analyzing and using gender-disaggregated data. In addition, the BFA team is working with these stakeholders to understand not only what gender-disaggregated data they would like to have, but also how those data can be visualized to make the decision-making process more efficient. The project will establish an empirical, nationally representative data set for women’s financial inclusion in Egypt in order to:

  • Set a baseline for the women’s financial inclusion
  • Inform policy decisions and support ongoing regulatory reform around savings mobilization, agent banking, mobile money and better usage of the national postal network
  • Inform initiatives in the area of new product development and innovative delivery channels specifically for women.

Photo credit: Aneth Kasebele

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